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Landowners in Australia

Partnering with EE on renewable energy projects for your land


Solar panels and wind turbines on field sites are a source of long-term income. It is an economically secure investment with a stable return.

Solar and wind energy are attractive, additional crops for landowners who wish to continue with their current agricultural activities. Both solar and wind projects have become cheaper to produce and construct, while the energy sources are becoming more and more popular.

Solar panels and equipment typically cover around 30% of the leased area, while the space occupied by wind turbines is as little as 3%. This leaves plenty of space for sheep to graze, and in the case of wind farms cattle and cropping, allowing farmers to generate further income from the land.

When you partner with EE through long-term leases, we can offer attractive index linked payments for the use of your land for our wind and solar projects.

These rental payments provide the assurance of secure long-term income to support your current and future plans. Where it is your preference we may purchase the land, allowing you to realise this value sooner.

EE has a successful track record of developing, constructing and operating hundreds of solar and wind projects. Please take a look at our company presentation, available on our corporate website, for more information on our past projects.”

All costs associated with developing the site will be covered by us. In the unlikely event that a project is not successfully developed, there will be no cost to you.

Solar and Wind projects require very little maintenance. There will only be a few visits per year from a small maintenance team. If any fault arises, our remote monitoring system will immediately notify our in-house asset management team who will take the appropriate action to fix the problem.

If you have other questions not answered here, please feel free to contact our Australian project team below.

Contact the Australian project team

Catriona McLeod

Country Manager

Joshua Petrass

Senior Development Manager

Yannis Vasilopoulos

Head of EPC, Australia