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Upper Calliope Solar Farm

1GW+ solar power for Gladstone

About Upper Calliope Solar Farm

Upper Calliope Solar farm is currently under development, and is set to provide over 1GW of solar power to the Gladstone region. The site is located approximately 50 km south-west of Gladstone.

1300 MW

approximate installed capacity

2.8 TWh / year

approximate annual production capacity

2,700 hectares

1/3 for solar panels and 2/3 grazed

“With our integrated development, engineering, procurement, construction and operations capability, I believe EE is in a strong position to deliver quality projects in a timely and efficient manner. This is the key to securing affordable, sustainable energy for our customers.”
Catriona McLeod, Country Manager Australia, European Energy


European Energy is committed to maximising the benefits of the project for the local community. Opportunities will be given for local contractors to supply goods and services, particularly during project construction. Over $1m in grant funding will be available to local organisations during project operation. Rates and rent will be paid to the Gladstone Regional Council and local landowners respectively during the life of the project.

The project is in close proximity to Powerlink’s 275kV network and the Calliope Renewable Energy Zone identified by the Queensland Government.

A development application will be submitted to the Gladstone Regional Council.

Contact person

Get in contact with our project developer if you have any questions or good ideas related to the project.

Joshua Petrass

Senior Development Manager